Thanks for your email.

She is currently on leave from Clemson University, where she works on a wind power project.

For general inquiries, please reach out to [name] at [email]. I will be absent from (the time your absence starts) until (the time your absence finishes).


My phone number is at the bottom of this email.

. . I’m out of office until {Date} because of sick leave.

If you require immediate assistance, please contact me at [email]/ [phone number].

Best, [YOUR. . I will respond to you upon my return.

I will be checking emails intermittently but please expect a delay in response up to 24 hours. Oct 29, 2021 · 1.


Subject line: Medical leave till [date] Hi, Thanks for reaching out.

. This is correct.

In the meantime, you can contact my colleague at {Email}. For the person completely checking out.

com or phone +111 1111.

It should clearly state the purpose and aim of the auto-reply, and provide an alternative contact in case of an.

The general reason for your absence.

Oct 29, 2021 · 1. I have to get to the Ganga Ram Hospital to inquire about the health of my close friend, who has been hospitalized after sustaining injuries in a car crash on-road/accident. .

. . Apr 27, 2022 · EXAMPLE 15. When your application processing time ends. If you’re taking an annual leave and work in a no-nonsense environment or would not like to risk appearing unprofessional, you can’t go wrong with a classic out of office message. To sweeten your wait, I am sending you this great article (hyperlink to your blog) that includes five books you should not miss this summer.

Thanks for your email.

I’m currently out of the office because I’m sick. If you’re on a medical, parental or sabbatical leave, you may want to have all of your emails forwarded to a coworker.

Thank you.

I am on leave until Monday, June 27th.


Feb 20, 2023 · 1.