Sig Sauer, P365 Macro, Striker Fired, Semi-automatic, Polymer Frame Pistol, Sub-Compact, 9MM, 3.


Slide is cut for the SIG RomeoZero, RMSc or Holosun 507K Reflex optics and similar in. Protects your frame from off-centered mag changes; Angled recesses to strip stuck mags.

Sig factory optic cut (see pics) allows mounting of an RMSc footprint.


Aftermarket Cerakote applications to your Sig P365 grip module will give your firearm a unique and aftermarket look while still maintaining the OEM specifications and tolerances. Naturally, with the goal of the P365 XMACRO being "full size" capacity and "micro" concealability. The overall weight of this grip module is 5.

The P365XL is another matter altogether.

The “shelf” you’d need is. . 1in Nitron Pistol - Introducing the game-changing P365 X-Macro compact everyday carry size with unprecedented 17+1 round capacity.

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06 for the P365.

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900 wide where the safety levers sit The Macro frame is.
Sure I didn't need to get rid of the XL, and I could've waited for the Macro grip modules.
I will go with the 365x over the 365x macro because of the manual safety issue.

(4) 17rd Steel Magazines with High Visibility Followers.

365 X Macro module is the perfect upgrade for your new SIG.

May 24, 2023 · The P365X Macro’s slide is not only optics ready but also has built-in compensator cuts near the muzzle to help with recoil control. Joe. May 18, 2023 · The SIG P365XL extends its barrel length to 3.

380 version and the Spectre Comp, an integrally compensated version of the P365, were released. Fitted with a P365XL length slide and a 3. Slide is cut for the SIG RomeoZero, RMSc or Holosun 507K Reflex optics and similar in. Add to Cart. I had a slide mounted comp on a 1911 (gigacringe) and it just didn’t do anything but add weight.

• Flared Detachable Magwell for improved reloads.

The frame has an undercut trigger guard and beavertail, which promote a high grip for better recoil control. You can put a macro grip on an XL slide but not a standard slide as seen on the P365/P365X/P365 SAS.




The only incompatibility is with the new x-macro which shows up in a lot of searches now.